Nov 3, 2017

ADHD: Disease Impact Report

 A Lifetime Lost or a Lifetime Saved Report


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Posted by: Chris

A Lifetime Lost or a Lifetime Saved Report

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children across the UK. A look at its impact and what must be done to achieve equity for these particularly vulnerable children, so they might be able to reach their exceptional potential as they progress into adulthood.

Download full report below.

 ADHD-Lifetime Lost or a Lifetime Saved Report.pdf

Getting Involved

This report have been sent to all MP’s and CCG lead commissioners. Please feel free to download and share with anyone you feel should have a copy. We ask if you could all join us in writing to your MP and ask them what they will be doing about the above report that they have received.  Below is an example letter that you can use or write your own.

Example MP Campaign Letter.docx

Click here for your Leicestershire MP postal addresses.


Once you have found your local MP  you will then find their postal addresses on the top right under constituency.